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The Ultimate Combination: Get 1 Autograph, Rookie & Memorabilia Card per Pack! (on avg.)
Grab the Ultimate Hit: Signed 1-of-1 NHL Shield Patch cards!
Find a wealth of Autographed Rookie Cards #’d to just 99!
(NEW) Look for the debut of 1997 Legends Autographs, falling better than 1 per case!
Grab scarce Autographed Rookie Card Patch variations!
Commanding big-time secondary-market values, these 42 Rookies deliver!
Always a big hit– Collect Oversized Ultimate Debut Patches!
With super-cool Signed Jersey versions too!
Want more Oversized swatches?
Premium Swatches & Premium Patches have what you’re looking for!

Autograph Cards (combining to deliver an avg. of 1 per pack!)
Autographed Ultimate Rookies SP – #’d to 99
Ultimate Signatures
1997 Legends Signatures
Ultimate Nicknames – #’d to 25
Ultimate Autographed Dual Jerseys – #’d to 10
Ultimate Autographed Patches – #’d to 10
Ultimate Autographed Dual Patches – #’d to 5
Autographed Ultimate Rookies Patch variation – #’d to 35
Autographed Ultimate Rookies Patch variation SP – #’d to 25
Autographed Ultimate Rookies NHL Shield variation – #’d to 1
Ultimate Signature Logos – #’d to 1
Rookie Cards (combining to deliver an avg. of 1 per pack!)
Ultimate Rookies – #’d to 399
Autographed Ultimate Rookies – #’d to 299
Memorabilia Cards (combining to deliver an avg. of 1 per pack!)
Ultimate Jerseys – #’d to 100
Ultimate Duos Jerseys – #’d to 50
Ultimate Trios Jerseys – #’d to 25
Ultimate Rookie Jerseys – #’d to 200
Ultimate Rookie Duos Jerseys – #’d to 100
Ultimate Rookie Trios Jerseys – #’d to 50
Ultimate Patches – #’d to 35
Ultimate Duos Patches – #’d to 25
Ultimate Trios Patches – #’d to 10
Ultimate Rookie Patches – #’d to 65
Ultimate Rookie Duos Patches – #’d to 35
Ultimate Rookie Trios Patches – #’d to 15
Premium Swatches (oversized) – #’d to 35
Premium Patches (oversized) – #’d to 25
Autographed Ultimate Debut Threads Jerseys (oversized) – #’d to 50
Ultimate Debut Threads Patches (oversized) – #’d to 100
Ultimate Autographed Jerseys – #’d to 25
Regular Cards
Regular Cards – #’d to 399