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24 packs per box – 5 cards per pack


• Collect 3 Autograph Cards in every box!

o Including at least 1 Signed Future Watch Rookie Card!

o First hard-signed RC’s from the ’12-13 Rookie Class!

• (NEW) Look for SPx BONUS PACKS!!

o Appearing 1 in every 3 boxes!

o Each Bonus Pack includes 1 SPx Autograph Rookie Jersey or Patch card!

• Grab 2-3 Limited Autographed Patch Cards, #’d to 100 or less per case!

o Highlighted by Autographed Future Watch Patch cards!

o Also pull valuable Regular card Auto Patch Variations !

• (NEW) Upper Deck Update!!

o Just as you would in UD2, Complete your 2012-13 Upper Deck set with players who changed teams in the offseason, and stars not in UD1! (falling 4 per box!)

• (NEW) Add some Rookies to your ’12-13 MVP collection as well!

o Complementing the UD1 offering, these MVP Rookies deliver more RC’s!

• (NEW) Step back with ’94-95 SP Retro foil cards, hitting 1 in 4 packs!

o Including rare, signed die-cut versions!

• (NEW) Check out Authentic Moments and Team Canada Authentic Moments!

o Both subsets feature stellar signature variations + multi-player versions too!

• Collect SPA trademark signature inserts!

o Added last year – Signature Stoppers is back again, with more great Goalies!

o SP Chirography – another stellar insert with annual punch!

o All-Time Chirography – featuring some of the most collectible retired NHLers!

o Premier Chiography – a perfect balance to All-Time, with plenty of young stars!

o Plus Immortal Inks, Marks of Distinction & of course Sign of the Times!

• Look for Sign of the Times Combos, hitting 1 per Case!


• Awesome Autograph Lineup (combining to hit 3 per box, with signed patch cards, on avg!)

o Autographed Future Watch – #’d to 999

o Sign of the Times

o Sign of the Times Duals – inserted 1:384

o Sign of the Times Trios – #’d to 25

o Sign of the Times Quads – #’d to 10

o Sign of the Times Fives – #’d to 8

o Sign of the Times Sixes – #’d to 7

o Sign of the Times Sevens – #’d to 6

o Sign of the Times Eights – #’d to 5

o SP Chirography – #’d to 35

o All-Time Chirography – #’d to 15

o Premier Chirography — #’d to 65

o Signature Stoppers – #’d to 25

o Immortal Inks – #’d to 10

o Marks of Distinction – #’d to 25

o Authentic Moments – inserted 1:480

o Authentic Moments multi-players – inserted 1:3,360

o Team Canada Moments – inserted 1:960

o Team Canada Moments multi-players – inserted 1:6,816

o Regular Cards Limited Autos – inserted 1:100

o ’94-95 SP Retro Die-Cut Autographs – inserted 1:96

• Autographed Patch cards

o Autographed Future Watch Patch – #’d to 100

o Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 1 – #’d to 100

o Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 2 – #’d to 25

o Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 3 – #’d to 10

• (NEW) SPx Bonus Pack!

o SPx Rookie Auto Jerseys, Tier 1 — #’d to 275

o SPx Rookie Auto Jerseys, Tier 2 — #’d to 175

o SPx Rookie Auto Patches, Tiers 1 & 2 — #’d to 30

o SPx Regular Cards – 2 per pack

• Adding SP Retro to the Mix!

o ’94-95 SP Retro – inserted 1:4

• Upper Deck Series Additions!

o Upper Deck Update – inserted 1:6

o Upper Deck Update Exclusive parallels – #’d to 100

o Upper Deck Update Exclusive Spectrum parallels — #’d to 10

o MVP Rookie Update – inserted 1:15

• Regular Cards

o 150 Regular Cards