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CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All items subject to change)
Marvel Ages provides a new retrospective look back at Marvel Comics since their founding over 80
years ago! Recall all the iconic eras of Marvel Comics from the Golden Age to our present day!
 300 Card Claycoat Base Set split into 3 tiers of rarity!
Look for Variant, Rainbow Foil, and Sticker Parallels!
 Translucent Fresnel Cards with designs inspired by Fresnel Glass Lenses found in lighthouses!
 Discover numbered Golden and Silver Age Book cards embedded with precious metals!
 Piece comic book splash pages together and view them in a new way with Lenticular Puzzle Card packs!
 Collect pieces of comic book history in Comic Clippings Cards!
Search for Comic Creator autographed versions by renown comic creators such as Al Milgrom, Bill Sienkiewicz, Gerry Conway, Jim Starlin, Jim Steranko, Mark Bagley, and Marv Wolfman!
 Comic Books for 12 Cents? Maybe back in the 1960’s! Turn back time with Coinage cards.
 The Decades Insert cards focus on characters from each decade spanning from the 1960s to 2010s!
 Original Art inserts such as Totally Toys and Saturday Morning Cartoons.
 Search for creative Flavorful and Word Cloud cards, where the descriptive text becomes the art!
 Collect 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!
PACK HITS (On Average)
1 Base Set Sticker Parallel Card
2 Insert Cards from the following: Saturday Morning Cartoons
Totally Toys Gamerverse Artist Spotlight
BOX HITS (On Average)
4 Base Set Foil Parallel Cards
8 Photo Variant Base Cards
2 Decades Cards
1 Flavorful or Word Cloud Card
Look for SP and SSP versions!
CASE HITS (On Average) 1-2 Artist Sketch Cards
1-2 Coinage or Comic Clippings Cards 3 Fresnel Cards
10 Lenticular Puzzle Packs!