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  • 8 cards per pack.
  • 8 packs per box.

Look for 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card, 3 Serial Numbered Insert Cards, and 4 Chromium Technology Cards per box on average.


Portfolio Golf features an eclectic mix of Upper Deck’s biggest brand names including Allure, Artifacts, Black Diamond, Engrained, Exquisite Collection, SP Authentic, SPx, Stature, Trilogy and Ultimate Collection.

Look for coveted Diamond Relic Rookies cards! Each card in this rookie set boasts one to four diamond relics. The more accomplished the rookie, the more diamond relics the card will feature. Additionally, every card in the set features the highly sought after 1-of-1 Pure Black Parallel card.

Each card in the Black Diamond Band of Color set features six diamond relics, each with a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Look for veteran and rookies all serial #’d to just 23!

Trilogy sports a unique rookie subset which includes three versions of rookie cards! Here’s how it breaks down:

Common Rookies (#’d to 999) | Uncommon Rookies (#’d to 699) | Rare Rookies (#’d to 399)

The rookie subsets each feature the same rookies, but with different designs and different levels of rarity. Be on the look-out for auto versions as well!

Engrained boosts three parallels of a 25-card subset highlighted by the Ebony (#’d to 99), Mahogany (#’d to 25) and Rosewood (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.

High-End Memorabilia Hits! Artifacts features an impressive slate of memorabilia insert sets including premium player-worn and/or tournament worn memorabilia, highlighted by the Horizontal Autograph Material Emerald Parallel and the Horizontal Material Black Parallel.

High-End Autograph Hits! The Exquisite Collection ® and SP Authentic features some of

UD’s most iconic autograph designs. Look for the 2009-10 Exquisite Collection Rookie Autograph insert set featuring some of golf’s top rookies. SP Authentic Sign of the Times 2 features dual autographs from some of the biggest names in the sport…. including Legends.